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Our Main purpose is that provide full satisfaction to our clients:

  • Child Custody
  • Divorce Law
  • Modifications and Enforcement
  • Child Support

Child Custody:

Child Custody referred to as conservatorship in Texas. It means the court decide the custody of conservator. Court impose the duties and responsibilities of child rights to parent. If both parents want custody of the child, then judge of family court will write an agreement according to the basic interests of the child.

Divorce Law:

Divorce is a personal and emotional matter. A person needs a good attorney who can understand him and solve his matter seriously. So our firm provides you with a knowledgeable and best attorney for their matter.Court finalize the matter in 60 days and if the matter is complicated then they take more time.

Modification and Enforcement:

In Texas post-divorce modification divided into 3 legal action categories:

1: Income and Financial need.

2: Child Custody.

3: Enforcement.

On the other hand, in enforcement if the ex-spouse is not given to the obligations and payments and not follow the agreement of divorce, so you can need a legal representative for those payments. Around child support and unpaid spousal support are the main issues to usually resolve.

Child Support:

The non-custodial parent paying the custodial parent expenses of the child in Texas. Parents are responsible for their child until he graduates from school or at age of 18.Most of the cases non-custodial parent paying the expenses of the child to custodial parent and amount of payments based on their income.The income calculated for child support purpose in Texas includes Salary, wages, commissions, and bonuses.

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