The Health Benefits of an Aquarium

Aquariums are a great addition to a structure’s interior, because of its visual appeal. However, experts are stating that aquariums are good for health, and it makes people more comfortable and calm. Seeing one could also provide positive effects inside the body, including the reduction of stress. Because of the health benefits that aquariums offer, more people are buying these amazing installations and putting it in the most strategic places inside their homes and offices. Interior designers are also contracted to help with the designing process.

Click here to know more about aquariums and their uses. To learn more about the positive side effects of keeping an aquarium, here are some of the best examples of its health benefits.

Aquariums are Known to Reduce Stress

Aquariums can reduce anxiety and stress. Seeing a body of water has an advantage to humans, and it helps them to think clearly and positively. Add in more colorful reefs, and fishes and the feeling would be very different. It gives a calming effect on those who are seeing it that is why most hospitals and dental clinics are installing them to reduce the anxieties of the patients waiting inside the lobby. Seeing an aquarium brings out the same soothing effect experienced when listening to the waves on the ocean, the showering rain, or a running stream. Places with a high level of stress are encouraged to install aquariums to help the people inside cope with it and felt some relaxation.

Aquariums are Known to Decrease Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

A research made by the experts coming from the National Marine Aquarium at the University of Exeter and the Plymouth University stated that people who have high blood pressure and high heart rate should look at the swimming fishes to feel better. According to their study, looking at aquatic animals swimming freely inside the aquariums can decrease the blood pressure and the heart rate of an individual. When an aquarium showcases an empty tank with only seaweeds and rocks in it, the heart rate drops to 3%. However, when fishes are added, the heart rate drops by 7%. The experts concluded that the people’s well-being could greatly improve just by looking at an underwater ecosystem. Senior citizens are encouraged by the experts to keep an aquarium at home to help them with their blood pressure and heart rate problems.

Aquariums provide Therapeutic Effects

Looking at the fish swimming inside an artificial tank is mesmerizing. It seems to be hypnotic in some cases, and it gives the people a sense of calmness. The therapeutic effects brought by aquariums are used to pacify someone who is in panic or those who feel nervous. It is one of the reasons why medical institutions install them inside their facilities because they are expecting the people who are visiting these places to be more nervous. It has been a known practice for decades, thanks to the research supplied by marine biologists who have studied marine life and their effects on a person’s mood. Today, more hospitals and dental clinics are installing them to provide a sense of relief to the patients.

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