Soka Gakkai International Hawaii- Setting Examples for the Rest of the World

Hawaii, as opposed to the rest of the world, has set a completely different example for the entire world- where people seem to be immensely happy living amidst the lap of nature which is generally considered to be the paradise of the world. Those who have been in the place and have noticed closely will find that there are hardly any people who are devoutly religious- instead, it is the happy-go-lucky nature of the inhabitants over there that makes them the most vibrant of the lands on this planet.

But that doesn’t keep them away as well- in fact, it is the beauty of the balance that is being maintained within the land. While on one side there are Catholic Churches scattered here and there, on the other, one would even find Buddhist temples where monks and local followers every day for their prayers. However, being a sparsely populated land in the US, Hawaii has never indulged much into this religious race where one wins over the other only be condemnation.

However, Buddhism somewhat found its complete proliferation with the Soka Gakkai International Hawaii centers being established. When compared to Christianity, Buddhism started a bit late in Hawaii but dated at 1889, the Hawaiian lands brought in the first steps of Buddhism with the help of Jodo Shinshu, a local priest. However, it took for half of a decade to establish the first Buddhist temple in the Big Islands of the Hawaii. However, the journey began since then, and it was only a matter of time for the Japanese community to find some sort of connection with the Hawaiian lands and bring it up as a land of their own.

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Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii and Soka Gakkai International Hawaii at a Glance

Nichiren Buddhism had their first temple in the Hawaiian lands first in 1900 and their dominance started growing with time. Even though only 9 percent of the entire population counts to be Buddhists in Hawaii, they remain to impress the most. The SGI Buddhists have always had their belief in the power that every individual has to lead lives of great value and creativity and when combined with the best efforts, it actually helps to influence the community in the best of their senses, society, and the world. Nichiren Buddhism stresses that the greatest fulfillment in life is found in working for the happiness of others.

Not only Soka Gakkai International Hawaii, but all the centers that are spread across the United States, their motto has been pretty simple- to win over violence and bring in peace across the global territories. Be it the Youth Summit that they organized or the ‘Victory over Violence’ campaign, all of their programs help young people identify and counteract the root causes of violence and make them even understand how a little change in their attitude and behavior can make a big difference in the entire world.

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