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Ticket School is an online driving school that offers a variety of driving safety related courses in multiple states, which range from defensive driving and traffic school online courses for those with tickets to drug and alcohol awareness courses required by first time drivers to get a license.. This online driving school currently has state approved courses in Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York and Virginia. Each state has its own course options, based on their local laws and requirements. Their courses are available for use on mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Android in addition to a desktop or laptop. Courses are also available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Texas Course Options

The Texas online courses give you the flexibility to log in and out based on your schedule. If you can’t finish a course or need to take a break, the site will save your place so the next time you log in you’ll start where you left off. The courses also give you the option to choose a shipping method for the certificate which they will ship to you to turn into the court.

Their state approved courses in Texas include  a defensive driving course and a drug and alcohol driving awareness program (DADAP).  The DADAP is also available in Spanish (El Curso DADAP).

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Florida Course Options

Floridians are able to complete any one of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved courses at their own pace (except for the Learner’s Permit Test, which is an exam that must be taken in one sitting). Each course is taken for different reasons, but each of them gives you the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion to turn in to the appropriate party.  . The courses available for Florida include:

  • Basic Driver Improvement Course
  • Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE)
  • Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (IDI) for 8 hours
  • Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI) for 12 hours
  • Learner’s Permit Test, which includes DMV road signs and road rules

Virginia Course Options

When you get a ticket in Virginia, you may have to meet requirements from the court or from DMV. The Ticket School courses satisfy both court orders and DMV requirements. And, if a Virginia driver needs safe driving points on his or her record, the Virginia Driver Improvement Course at is approved for that purpose. Take the course as your schedule allows and  a certificate of completion will be sent to you via the delivery method you choose.

New York Course Options

The State of New York allows you to have up to 4 points on your license not counted for penalty purposes by successfully completing a New York Department of Motor Vehicles Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP). You may also be eligible for a 10 percent discount on your auto insurance, by completing the course. The Ticket School course is available any time of day or night, so you are able to take it when your schedule allows.

Michigan Course Options

If you are deemed eligible by the Michigan Secretary of State’s office following a ticket, you may take complete a state approved  Basic Driver Improvement Course to prevent points for select violations from appearing on your driving record. Furthermore, if you successfully complete the course by the deadline date provided by the SOS, the state will not report those violations to your insurance company, thus preventing any increases in your insurance premiums. The Basic Driver Improvement Course is available any time of day or night on every day of the week.

Visit Ticket School

If you live in Michigan, Texas, New York, Florida or Virginia and are required to take a driving course for a driving violation or need to complete a drug and alcohol awareness program as a requirement to get a license or for a ticket, visit Ticket School to learn more about their courses. All of their courses feature HD video, a money-back guarantee, express delivery options for certificates, US-based customer support, engaging course material and you are able to log in and out unlimited times.  Check them out today!

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