Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Composite Decking

More and more people across the UK are choosing composite decking as a flooring solution for their gardens. This is because it offers a flooring solution in which looks truly authentic however requires minimal maintenance. This being said though, composite deck boards are not self-cleaning and do require some level of cleaning, as all other flooring solutions do.

Yes, composite decking requires less flooring than the majority of other flooring options – but it still needs cleaning in order to stay in the very best condition. Cleaning composite decking is luckily for all incredibly easy, usually possible to clean with water and cloth. There are a number of things that must be avoided when cleaning composite flooring too – some of which we are going to be listing here from one of the best composite decking suppliers.

Avoid These Mistakes

If you have composite decking outside your home and are planning on cleaning it, ensure that you avoid this mistakes:

  • Using the wrong cleaner – When cleaning your composite decking, if you choose to use a cleaning product, it is important hat you choose the right one. Although composite decking may look solid, it is actually quite porous meaning cleaning products can get right inside. Make sure that you read cleaning label products thoroughly to ensure that they are safe to use – Make sure that you do not use anything that contains bleach!
  • Pressure washing your composite decking – Pressure washing is not really recommended for composite decking; this is because when done incorrectly for example too closely it can cause damage. Occasionally however, from time to time, pressure washing can be beneficial, for example when there are tough stains. If you think your decking needs pressure washing you should speak to your composite decking supplier whom will be able to guide and advise you.
  • Forgetting the gaps – When cleaning your composite decking not only is it important that you clean the boards themselves but you must also clean the gaps in-between them. Over time dirt and debris can build can build up in these gaps and cause real problems. You should clean between your composite deck boards at least once per year so that air can pass through them and the underside of your boards can stay nice and dry.
  • Using the wrong tools – When cleaning your composite decking you should ensure that you use the right tools. Only use soft bristle brushes that are not going to scratch your surfaces. It is always better to clean twice or three times with a soft brush than once with an unsuitable brush which will cause damage.
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