Industrial Safety Products

With high-quality safety products, you are assured of reduced mishaps and great economic savings in the long run. These industrial safety products will come in handy during accidents, ensuring that your employees are safe and that the extent of the damage is contained. If your company deals with solvents which can easily spill and cause environmental problems, you should secure good safety products to ensure that you don’t compromise your surroundings. At Clean Coast supply, you will get industrial safety products which include personal protective equipment, secondary containment, spill kits, booms, rolls, and pads. Below is a detailed explanation of how these safety products work.

Absorbent rolls and pads

These products are made of specially engineered materials which are designed to absorb oil molecules while at the same time acting as water repellants. With these products, you are assured that any spills in your company will be quickly contained thus minimizing the environmental damage.

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Sorbent Booms

These are made in the form of absorbent booms or socks which contains hydrophobic polypropylene capable of containing huge oil spills. With this product, you should not worry about the magnitude of the spill since you can easily contain it if you choose the right boom size.

Berms and duck ponds

These are durable and chemical resistant secondary containment products which are highly effective when it comes to the containment of dangerous spills. They are normally placed beneath storage tanks and vehicles ensuring that any spills do not reach the ground or nearby water bodies.

Degreasers and dispersants

These are environmentally safe products which can remove oil-based stains and also renders the spilled chemicals non-flammable. They do so by promoting a quick degradation of the hydrocarbons present in the pollutant. As such, your company is protected from extensive damage which can result from fire and explosions.

Spill kits

If your company is at risk of having a hazmat, oil-only, or a universal spill, you need to secure several spill kits which are normally wheeled and contains an assortment of sorbents. With these kits, your company and employees will be safe.

Personal protection equipment

To ensure that your employees are not at risk of exposure, you should provide them with protective equipment such as Hi-Viz apparel, ear plugs, hard gloves, protective gowns, and safety goggles. In so doing, you are assured of limited liability claims due to employee injury while conducting their day to day activities.

The above safety products are just a few selections amongst numerous environmental and industrial supplies in the market. If you own a company which deals with health hazard solvents such as oils and acids, you should have well-laid measures on how to handle possible spills. With good industrial safety products, you can easily contain the extent of damage thus preventing long-lasting environmental problems. At Clean Coast supply, you will get professional help about the safety products required in your company.

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