How Medical Marijuana Is Different from Recreational Marijuana

We all know that both Medical and recreational marijuana is derived from the hemp plant. There is a slight difference between them but that little bit difference means a lot. Cannabis is used in oil and seeds also and it has become a rich source of dietary protein and minerals. It is beneficial and effective in many health issues.

The main difference between them is the amount of THC and CBD components. They make Medical Marijuanalow and high. It becomes more effective when it is taken in the proper ratio and for a limited time period.

Here in this article, we discuss some points that show how medical marijuana is different from recreational marijuana.

Amount of CBD and THC Content: Basically, recreational marijuana has more high sensation than medical. The main reason for this is the content of THC and CBD in both. Medical marijuana contains more amount of CBD than a recreational one. CBD has no psychological effect and it does not affect your mind. On the other hand, recreational marijuana contains more THC that makes it higher because THC has a psychological effect, it directly impacts on your mind and blood vessels. So, be careful before consuming both of them.

As per Doctors Recommendation: We all know that doctor prefers medical marijuana than a recreational one. Medical cannabis can easily available on many online stores and there is no need for a medical card for it. Medical marijuana has minimum side effect than that of a recreational one. Basically, doctors recommend medical cannabis than that of a recreational one.

As Per Legality: Both have different legality aspect. Their legality varies from state to state. Recreational cannabis is legal in only 9 states and medical one is legal in more than 21 states. Both require a minimum age to buy. You can buy medical cannabis if you are more than 18 years. Recreational cannabis can be bought if you are more than 21 years and you require a medical card for it.

Tax Difference Between Both of them: Both of them are tax at different rates and it varies from country to country. Basically, each dispensary sale of medical herb comes with a 2.9 percent states sales tax plus local sales tax. Recreational one is sold by dispensary with state and local sales taxes along with a 10 percent retail marijuana tax plus an excess tax of 15 percent. Tax rates basically depend on the legality aspect. So, buy it as per your requirement.

Its Distribution: The distribution of the cannabis is publically prohibited. You can distribute it to your friends and relatives. But, make sure that they aren’t under 21. Most of the medical users are prohibited from sharing their medical cannabis because of it specifically suited to their needs. All and all, its distribution is quite limited.

Final Verdict: All the above points differentiate medical and recreational cannabis. Both of them are useful, it depends on your body, health issue, and requirement. Consult your doctor before starting its usage.

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