Choosing Your Perfect Chain Link Fence

Whether you are fencing in your home or just adding a simple fence around your garden, chain link fences can be exactly what you are looking for. Typically, chain link fences don’t offer you an abundance of privacy but they can be a great option for a simple and easy barrier for your home or garden. Like with any addition to your home, you want to choose the look that is right for your home. Chain link fences, while simple, come in various styles and looks to match the style you are going for. Here is how you pick your perfect chain link fence:


The coating of the wires that chain link fences are constructed of is what makes the difference in styles. Typically, chain link fences are available in in stainless steel, galvanized steel, and PVC coating. For your home, the PVC coating is typically the one used because it has a more refined and clean appearance as opposed to the rougher options. However, you can choose the other coating types to use around a garden or other area in your yard.

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One of the most enjoyable parts of decorating your home is choosing the coordinating colors. The chain link fencing Austin that you choose is no exception. For the most part, you can choose whatever color you’d like but it’s important to keep in mind the durability. It’s not advised that you paint your chain link fence yourself as it will interfere with the rust preventing coating leading your fence not to last as long as it could. For residential properties, natural colors like black, brown, and green are suggested as the blend nicely with the yard.

Netting Size

The steel wires and netting of the chain link  fences can be found in a variety of sizes. Heavier wires are more durable and tend to be more expensive while the thinner wires tend to be a bit more delicate and less expensive. The size of the squares or diamond shapes inside the fence also varies as the smaller squares provide more privacy. If you can’t decide, there are standards for the wire weight and square size.

Choosing chain link fencing Austin can be the perfect addition to your front yard, backyard, or even around a garden. While they are simple in construction, there are still various options to choose from so that your fence can blend perfectly into your outdoor home decor.

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