A Support System to Champion Change

Think of all those people who have changed the modern world in the past 200 years. Can you think of a person who single-handedly changed the world? Throughout the ages, there have been rulers, warriors, philosophers, inventors and healers who have pioneered changes and revolutionized the way we view the world.

But how can a change be set in motion, without any support?  Without a legion of supporters no change has ever been actualised. Every radical mass change that has happened throughout the history of mankind was possible only because of a support system that was built by people who were motivated by the evolution that was going to happen.

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Change is the only constant

Some changes expand over geopolitical domains, some over technological domains and some over ideological domains. These are huge changes that affect millions or probably billions of people. There are other kind of changes that happen on a personal front. It could be witnessing a relative of yours being free from a chronic ailment thanks to timely medical intervention. Or it could be how a friend of yours who couldn’t afford university fees received financial aid and is now happily studying. But you realise that change keeps happening. And everyday you wake up to wish that the change is a positive one.

All changes regardless of the magnitude require support of people. What change do you stand for? What change do you wish to see in our world?

Do you stand for gender equality, reversing environmental pollution or ending child exploitation? Or closer home, do you want to ensure that your near and dear ones get access to medical aid they badly need? Or that aspiring artist friend of yours receiving funding and public support to give birth to their creative dream?

Start a support fundraiser

You can be a supporter of change by simply raising a support fundraiser for a cause you believe in on a crowdfunding platform. A support fundraiser is a fundraiser that runs along with a primary fundraiser to ensure that word of the campaign is spread and sufficient funds reach the person in need. The contributions in the support fundraiser gets reflected in the primary fundraiser.

Multiple fundraisers, multiple benefits

There are a plethora of benefits a  support fundraiser could offer, the top three being :

  1. A support fundraiser improves the visibility of the person or the cause who needs funding. By promoting a support fundraiser on your social media platforms , you inoculate your fundraiser in your social circles. Your friends on social media would keep the ball rolling in terms of contributions or shares or maybe another support fundraiser.
  2. By creating a support fundraiser, you can allow more people to be a part of your fundraiser microcosm, and uphold the spirit of crowdfunding, which is participatory and democratic. A snowball effect sets your cause in motion and awareness about your cause is built rapidly.
  3. A support fundraiser also allows a fund to achieve its target much faster than a single fundraiser, because it enables the story of the fundraiser to reach large numbers of people quickly.

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, ‘ Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Also support those changes you wish to see in the world by running a support fundraiser for your loved one who’s raising funds through medical or social crowdfunding.

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