A Plethora of candles for religious ceremonies and prayers

The use of lights in the form of candles is found in the religious ceremonies of many religions especially the Christian Church. The lighting of candle to connect the mortal world with the spiritual realm is a belief that has sustained since ancient times. Illuminated candles combined with prayers have the potential to fulfill wishes and invoke god. You can contact us to get access to our impressive collection of candles for prayers and meditation.

Guardian Angel candle

Guardian Angel candle from our collection of religious candles protects your house from evil influences. The image of the guardian angel present on the candle represents the protector of your home. Meditate and pray in front of this candle after lighting it and experience positive vibes in your home and life. The guardian angel will guide you through difficult times in life, help in making the right decisions, impart strength and solve your problems. The candle is pure white in colour.

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St Anthony Candle

This is a beautiful brown coloured glass candle with an image of St. Anthony. Burn and pray before this candle to seek his blessings to bring back a lost lover or for some other special purpose. Recite the prayer dedicated to St. Anthony and see your wish coming true.

St. Jude Candle

The St. Jude Candle comes in purple, red and dark green coloured versions. The candle has an image of St. Jude along with verses of prayer on it. Burn this candle and put five drops on St. Jude oil on it and recite the 23rd Psalm. Praying to St. Jude before this candle helps you in overcoming any difficult problem.

These were some of the religious candles from our wide collection. They all are 7 day candles which imply that their burning capacity is 120 hours. Each candle is 8 inches tall.


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