5 Cool Gardening Tips From The Experts

Are you itching to get started on a gardening project? If so, it helps to know what you’re getting into. Your job does not end in knowing the type of soil to use. There are other important things to know to keep your garden healthy all year round. Here are cool garden maintenance tips from the experts.

  1. Test your soil.

Your soil needs minerals to help plants grow. Adding compost gives the soil minerals and nutrients, but some soils need even more food. Call a local arborist to test your soil to see if it has the right mixture of minerals and nutrients. You should also check with them if they sell gardening products. For instance, you can buy plant pots and get services for retaining walls Eastern Suburbs from Amico for your projects.

A soil sample should be taken about once every three years. Samples can be taken during any time of the year. It is easier to take samples in the spring and fall when you are often in your fields. You will be charged a small amount of money to pay for the test costs.

  1. Improve it.

Compost is a mixture of dead plants and roots and leaves. Well, adding compost is a good way to improve soil nitrogen to your plants. If the soil is heavy clay, adding compost to it will help the soil to drain water. If your soil is sandy, then adding compost will help the soil retain more water.

  1. Get the right plants.

Just because you have a particular favorite plant doesn’t mean you can also have it growing successfully in your yard. You have to choose plants that are not only look beautiful but also match with the planting conditions. Go for plants that will adjust in terms ofsoil quality, light, drainage, dimensions andmoisture. Also, buy plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases.

  1. Group the plants rightly and consider proper space.

Proper planting space is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the health of the plants. Each plant has its own spacing needs but a few tips like providing proper air circulation around the plants or choosing a large pot must be considered. Low growing plants and Groundcovers and must be grouped in beds you don’t walk on.

  1. Water properly.

Watering is a basic thing, but since many diseases need water just as much as plants do, the way you water can be a difference maker. Many pathogens in the air and soil need water to move, grow, and reproduce. To prevent diseases on your plants, choose watering methods that limit the moisture on a plant’s foliage. Drip irrigation andsoaker hoses can do the trick. If you are watering by hand, hold the leaves out of the way as you water the roots.

There you have it- 5 cool gardening tips from the experts. If you need containers for your plants, don’t hesitate to visit https://amico.com.au/our-services/decorative-pots-shop today.

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