4 Things That Are Often Overlooked When Buying a Used Car

Used cars are a tricky asset to purchase. The previous owner could have many reasons to get rid of that car and some of them could even be devious. Even the best place to buy used car in Bangalore can trick you. Afterall, selling used cars is what these dealers are meant to do no matter what cost is paid by the buyer.

Here are 4 things that you should always carefully examine before you buy a used car:

  1. Buyer History:

Check out who used this car before you. Customers generally overlook this detail as they don’t want to invade someone else’s privacy. But this could be a grave mistake as the user of the car before you could be a criminal who used the vehicle for illegal activities. That way, you would have to keep going to court frequently.

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  1. Service Record:

You obviously wouldn’t want to buy a car that breaks down too often. These cars clearly aren’t meant to be driven, which is why the previous owner discarded it. Always look at the service record of the car. Find out what has been replaced, which spare part is original, which one is local and other service related documents.

  1. Check All Accessories before Buying the Car:

This is one of the most commonly overlooked things. Make sure the seller provides you with all remotes, keys, and other accessories that are required for the car to function. Your car won’t be complete without a spare tire and repair tools, so ask whether you are getting those as well.

  1. Verify the Pink Slip:

Ensure that the car has no liens against it. This means that no other party should hold any kind of interest on the vehicle. The pink slip should just have the owner’s name or have satisfied lien holders.

Ensure to check for these four things or else you would have a tough time with the used car that you just bought.

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